Internet Optimizer 1.1: Optimize your internet navigation

Internet Optimizer 1.1

Internet Optimizer is a software application designed to optimize your internet navigation, boosting the speed of your internet browsing.

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Internet Cyclone 2.14: Get faster Internet Speed up to 200%!!!

Internet Cyclone 2.14

Internet Cyclone is a powerful, easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP designed to automatically optimize your Windows settings wich will boost your Internet connection up to 200%. Internet Cyclone is compatible with all modems and high-speed LAN, ISDN, CABLE, DSL, T1 or other connections. This Internet Connection optimizer speeds up Web browsing, file downloading, e-mailing, online gaming, chat and all other Internet

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Max PC Booster Tune Registry, Memory, Internet Speed and Clean your PC for optimum Performance

Max PC Booster

Internet Optimizer and Max RAM Optimizer for the price of ONE product. Max PC Booster safely cleans, repairs and optimizes Windows Registry, protects your privacy by removing all traces of internet and computer usage, turbo charges your Internet connection, free up and defrag Physical Memory to make your PC running like new. Tune up your windows registry and prevent crashes Real time memory usage monitoring graph Boost your Internet speed up to 100

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Advanced HTML Optimizer 3.3

Advanced HTML Optimizer is intended for HTML documents optimizing, resulting in shorter downloading / uploading time. Pages will appear in client`s Internet browser in exactly the same way, but they will be about 20% smaller. Its main function is to save space on your web pages by removing unnecessary characters and tags.Embedded script code is not ruined by Advanced HTML Optimizer!

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XP TCP/IP Repair 2.1: Repair your Windows XP Winsock and TCP/IP registry errors

XP TCP/IP Repair 2.1

Is Spyware and/or Adware messing up your internet connection after you have uninstalled it? Has your internet connection slowed down and you just do not know why? Have you used an Internet Optimizer that just did not optimize your internet, instead it made it slower? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then XP TCP/IP Repair may help fix your internet connection and possibly even protect your privacy.

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Fresh Download 8.71: Free download manager, no ads, no spyware, no charges.

Fresh Download 8.71

Internet, such as your favorite freeware/shareware, mp3 files, movie files, picture collections, etc. Unlike any other similar utilities, this software is 100 percents free, no charges, no banners in the software (which steal your bandwidth), no spyware. Key features of Fresh Download: - Turbo charge downloading files in both FTP and HTTP protocols using your current internet connection (dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, satellite, T1, etc.) - Pause and

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TweakMASTER PRO 3.14: Optimize your Internet connection for faster downloads with Cable/DSL and dialup

TweakMASTER PRO 3.14

TweakMASTER PRO is a revolutionary Internet Optimizer. It promotes faster Internet download speeds by intelligently tweaking key Windows settings. Ideal for ALL types of connections including dial-up, cable, DSL, wireless plus AOL. Includes easy-to use wizard, innovative DNS Accelerator, PC clock synchronization, Ping, Traceroute and Whois utilities, ISP Disconnect Prevention, DU Meter network monitoring utility and the LinkFox web accelerator.

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SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8.0.0: Software to speed up your internet connection.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8.0.0

The software solution for a faster internet connection. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize and speed up your internet related activities including browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming, online gaming, sending and receiving email. Software to speed up your internet connection.

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98/ME Smoker 1.2: The Ultimate tweaking utility for Windows 98/ME

98/ME Smoker 1.2

98/ME Smoker is a Windows 98 and Windows ME tweaking utility that will help to reduce system bottlenecks, decrease boot times and increase system stability. In addition 98/ME Smoker has a new State-Of-The-Art internet optimizer that will tune any internet connection to perfection. Boost your dialup, cable, dsl, satellite, etc. Get it, or stay slow!

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SpeedOptimizer SpeedOptimizer 3 speeds up PC performance & optimizes Internet settings.


optimizer to speed up access time to folders and Start menu, a Windows Desktop optimizer for maximum desktop performance, a Windows System optimizer that allows optimization for the recycle bin, temporary files folder and other integral windows system components and, a hard-drive monitoring feature for preemptive hard-drive problem detection. In addition to all those, SpeedOptimizer 3 comes with a built in scheduling system that allows auto-running

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